Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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Silent Thunder Alpha Try Outs
The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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PostSubject: The Regulations   The Regulations I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 2:52 am

The Rules

○ Be Active. Please be active. We want active members to contribute to our site and if you can't be on at least twice a week it's probably best you do not join. However we would definitely love to have you so if you can set up a schedule and get on for even five minutes a day to post a topic that would work just fine.

○ Be Respectful. Please watch what you say to others in RP as well as in the CB. Don't say anything you wouldn't want said to you and no foul language. Some people do not respect it. We are a friendly site and do not tolerate any disrespect. If you are disrespectful we will not tolerate it and we will be sure to ban you.

○Blue eyes have to be bought at the store. Blue eyes are only available at the store meaning your wolf can not have blue eyes unless it's bought at the store with the leaves you have collect. This is because in real life wolves do not have blue eyes.

○ Follow the rules. Please follow all of the rules, it helps the site run smoothly and please, please do not start RPing until after your character(s) have been accepted.

○ One high ranker. You may only have one character that's high ranking. Meaning if your character is Alpha then another character can not be beta or delta. 

○ No Advertising. Please do not advertise in the chat box or anywhere on the forum besides the designated advertising posting area. Same with affiliating. Please do not ask to affiliate with us anywhere besides in our affiliating section.

○ No Double Posting. There isn't to be double posting on the site unless it's on the chat box. Then it's okay but please do not flood the chat box.

○ 12+ word Word count. You must post a minimum of 12 words per post. If you aren't posting at least 12 words you will be warned and the possibly banned for a minimum of 4 days.

○Character types. There are a few different character types within the site. The first being wolves. Either inside the pack or as loners. There are also other animals such as foxes, coyotes, and bears. There may be more to come soon. 

○ Character Limits. There isn't a limit on how many characters you can have. Just be sure you RP all of your characters as often as possible. If a character goes inactive please kill it off or something. Especially if it is in a pack.

○ No god-modding. Your characters cannot miss or dodge every attack. If they are minor attacks then please allow them to happen. If they are going for your jugular or something then by all means miss them.
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The Regulations
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