Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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Silent Thunder Alpha Try Outs
The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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PostSubject: Ariste, the Alphess of attack   Ariste, the Alphess of attack I_icon_minitimeTue May 27, 2014 3:21 pm

Name: Ariste
Name meaning/origin: Her name actually means "Playful", "Happy", exactly what she has become the opposite of.
Age: Two years, six months
Gender: Fae/female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearence: Her long fur is a silky, jet black, the blackest of blacks. Her frame is slim, agile and lithe, but her legs are very long, placing her ebony head higher than most other wolves'. She has long, sharp, ferocious ivory canines, and a long muzzle. She has medium sized ears that are almost always alert and roving. Her tail is long and fluffy, usually resting on her dainty forepaws. As she grows and overcomes her malnourishment, her small frame will begin to show her trained muscle more, but still remain small, hidden under a thick coat of fur. In the day, the fae's eyes are gold with specks of silver, but because of the different lighting at night, it appears to be silver with slivers of shining gold. She is an attractive fae, only her scars marring her once beautiful face. Her eyes are deep and captivating, such a beautiful combination of colors they're hard to ignore when she locks her gaze to yours, though are often potrayed with an emotionless expression, not allowing their full radiance
Markings: A scar from the base of her ear, over her right eye, down to her nose, another across her chest, up to her neck and maw, and numerous insignifigant scars hidden under her fur
Personality: She will never fully get rid of her viciousness, her thirst for a wolf's blood. She will forever be a masochist, to an extent. She won't necessarily pick fights, but will never back down with one. She won't ever be content with a rank, until she's at the top, and will continue to fight for it, like She had to when She was captured. She is a natural born leader, and always has trouble holding her tongue. Even when wounded, if not in the presence of a higher rank, with always carry herself with an air of pride and superiority. He isn't selfish, and is very loyal. If you stand a chance with her depends on when you first introduce yourself, and how you naturally click with her. She is secretly sensetive, and emotionally hurt, but covers it up, only involuntarily letting herself have a weak moment. She is untrusting, and becoming her friend may be more than some are willing to put in, but once you are, you will ve her confidant, and she'll be completely loyal, coming to you with any care or fear. She's sassy and determined, but a very hard worker, hand has trouble waiting. Even if appearing emotionless on the outside, usually thoughts are running through her head, dwelling on the past, or pondering the future. She wants nothing more to be an alpha of her own pack, as she did not like to be ordered around, but also preferred not to be alone, though she would quickly deny it.
History: Her mother was kicked from the pack when she was pregnant, for supposedly killing a pup. Ariste and her siblings were born as loners, and kept in hiding. They were safe and comforable for the first 4 months of their life, before their father left them to find a new pack. Despite their mother's efforts, when they were 5 months old, the pups were taken and used for fight entertainment. While ariste won most fight, climbing higher and higher, her siblings did not fare as well, quickly being killed off in the fights. Only Ariste and her sister, Adrienna, continued to win fights. As they grew, they were forced to fight bigger and bigger things. Only the toughest survived, and Adrienna and ariste became tougher, having to mature quicker than most pups. But when She was 19 months old, Ariste was forced to kill her only living sibling, her sister. She was devastated, and became a harsh killer, feeling no regret to kill another wolf, even attacking her guards when provoked. It became harder and harder to contain her hostility, and was often punished when she attacked someone. She sometimes went days before they would feed her. Her wins were fueled by sheer contained anger and pain, wishing she could inflict that pain on her captors. She escaped twice, only to be tracked down again. 

Finally, during a storm, she was left unattended, and saw her chance. Quickly checking around, she quickly slipped into the inky blackness, her coat effectively hiding her. She ran, far from the place, until she didn't know where she was running. She mellowed, calming as she familiarized herself with the ways of hunting for prey, and being able to go where she pleased. Now, though unsocial, her hostility has been contained so she could speak to others without immediately attacking, but still sees every wolf as an enemy, until proven otherwise

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Ariste, the Alphess of attack
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