Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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Silent Thunder Alpha Try Outs
The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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PostSubject: Zadok Mavro   Zadok Mavro I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 5:36 pm

Name: Zadok Mavro

Gender: Male

Age: He has been a life form on this world for 5.5 years.

Pack: ST

Build: He is a beast of a male in every sense of the word. His crania is broad, a large expanse from cheek to cheek and the slightest length of the muzzle. His neck is thickly set into broad shoulders, much like the front of a bull in both power and muscling. Zadok's chest cavern is broad at the top and tapers down slightly between the front legs, spreading back slimly into his barrel. The wolf's rib spread is quite broad in the girth, yet gives curvature once it sets back into the loin and hips. This wolf's back isn't as elongated, giving him just enough length to create an appealing appearance yet short enough to give power to his driving hindquaters. Paws are a bit large for thick boned legs, expressing youth yet he will never grow into them. Although he is around 114 pounds, this wolf is a powerhouse. Zadok's muscles are clad thickly throughout although mostly collecting on his haunches and shoulders. His skin is thick, that of an adult male who has been through his fair set of trials. His coat as well is thickly clad upon his frame, hard to sink your teeth into and hot year round. Longer hair runs in a ridge from his crania, down his neck and along his top line in the style of his own wolfish mohawk.

Markings: Zadok's base coat is of a deep, rich red timber, mohogany replacing the russet color as in normal timbers. His optics are of a deep jade green, both beautiful in their own ways. Zadok wears the typical lower jaw and throat latch triangle of while that is common of the timbers. Large yet slim ears are tipped with white and ivory socks adorn each of his legs, surrounding the foot and going just above his hock in a ragged cut off.

   "My name is Zadok Mavro." The words are hot on the air and he thinks back to his old home. Back then you didn't have a name till you earned it, and it was won by killing your opponent in a fight. Images rolled behind his optics, the young wolf laying dead at his feet. He wasn't bred from love, but bred to be successful. In the pack he was raised that wasn't uncommon, in fact, it was how it was done. The alpha paired suitable mates to make soldiers. His father was the alpha himself and his mother had been taken from a neighboring pack, quite a rowdy she-wolf she was. Thus the product was Zadok. Of course his parents did not care much for their pups. Only the strongest survived. He was made for battle, and battle only.
   Mind travels back to when he was just a youth. It was right after the battle for his name and the blood still dripped from his talons and ivories. The queen had come before him, the savage lust to see the standing victor. Yet it is her son he has killed, and she shows no remorse. In the pack, when a male kills your son he is adopted into the family. Strength and skill are the highest things you can have and when those are expressed you can be seen as valuable. It was here that the queen gave him his name, that she placed the stamp of approval upon the young wolf who became known as Zadok. His time was then spent as a warrior, climbing greedily through the ranks until he commanded a small section of his own. Years past, and Zadok became...bored of his time with these wolves. As a full grown male, he left without a moments notice. Hoping to find something new, this beast scoured the area for any forms of life.

   His parents bred, and produced three pups, not out of love, but out of the greed for stronger wolves. Zadok, and two others, in which had no names at the time, were brought into the world. The oldest, was nearly identical to Zadok. However, he was killed for the battle for his name. His sister, smaller and thinner than both males, was thrown out. Too weak. Zadok earned his name from the fight with a young male. He climbed his way higher in ranks, only to become bored. Nothing seemed to happen in that pack any longer. He set off, searching for a wolf. Maybe even a pack.

Example Post:
The cave walls were a welcome cover from the sun outside, the male's pelt making every time of the year hot. He lay about carelessly, merely thrown upon the floor in an unpurposed heap. The air was damp and it soothed his lungs and caressed his throat. A large sigh escaped the male, such a rude sound in the quiet of the caves. The life of a wanderer was a nice one, but boy was it hard on the feet. His red tinged frame stretched, scraping noisely across the floor as pelt rubbed upon stone. Nails clicked lightly on the surface of the wall they collided with. His slender maw broke open wide, saliva catching between his upper and lower jaws. Zadok's tongue pushes outward, enjoying the freedom if only for a moment as he sucks wind in a loud yawn. Once more his jaws meet, readjusting for a few moments before settling quiet again. What was his purpose here? The thought lazily rolls around the innerds of his skull as dark jade green colored optics open then shut within the darkness. A new scent reached his nostrils and he sat up onto his haunches. The male's large bulk sits there for a moment, like a large cat awaiting to see if it's prey would make less work for them and wander closer. The few moments pass though and finally he gets up, raising to the full 33 inches at the shoulder. Zadok's head carriage brings him a little higher though and he shakes his pelt carelessly. Droplets release their grip on him and land against the walls and upon the pools already formed on the floor. Stiffened limbs break away from under him, drawing his form towards the opening of the caves. Slowly his joints loosen and he rolls his shoulders slowly, enjoying the slight crack each one gives. As he draws to the mouth he sees the light of the beginning of the cave. Cranium raised, the wolf again parted his jaws to taste the air for the scent. The scent of wolves.

Blunt: Each word is calculated for use, and he doesn't care to beat around the bush. Zadok is one to tell it how it is and care little for what feelings may be damaged in the process. Even with little ones Zadok is very forth coming with how the world is, although they might not care to hear it.

Blind: This male is blind to social cues or the feelings of others. Some may easily be telling the wolf that they do not care for his company, yet he is unable to pick up on that. This causes him to hurt wolves easily and get himself into unwanted disputes.

Deceptive: Zadok won't blink twice at using someone to get what he wants, and he always does. The male can be kind and generous on the outside, yet inwardly be luring them into a position for him to break their neck. Putting on a fake face, he is outwardly seen as a charmer yet not all are blind to the sense of danger about him. He can easily manipulate others.

Hungry: Whether for she-wolves or power the male can't seem to ever truly quench his hunger. Although usually only reflected inwardly he often has something driving him, a motive, behind everything he does. This often can spell trouble for those that stand in his way.

Arrogant: Zadok has a large ego, although not always so easily detected. Although he may act humble he often looks upon other wolves in disdain if they are not up to his standards. He feels entitled to many aspects of life and when things don't go his way there can be problems.

1st Wanted Rank: Warrior

2nd Wanted Rank: Hunter

(Sorry. I changed some things up a bit in the template.)
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