Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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PostSubject: Aleera Toel Ul Aniece   Aleera Toel Ul Aniece I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 5:48 pm

Name: Aleera (Known as the Black Dragon in her old pack)

Gender: Female

Age: Aleera is six years of age.

Pack: ST

Rank Requested: Hunter
Second Rank: Warrior

   Aleera is lithe and elegant, an imperial presence conveyed in the gentle swoon of her words, the cold in her stare. Her flesh is carved in the spiritual semblance of raw, tender violence. Dark, voluptuous hip to svelte waist, and curved shoulders gently nestled beneath the risen blush of her bowed nape; a lean musculature defined in the art of her movements – her gestures are of an epicene languor, her body a hallowed temple of their dreamy fervor. She is swathed in the prowess of a delusion, a revenant whose movements flow with the languishing definition of her slender fiber. Enigmatic, haunting arachnid madonna of a lucid dream; she preys in the severity of her obsession, her sensual anatomy a tantalizing weapon of passion and grace. Black oceans reflect in the depths of her gaze, a turbulent glacial continent whose contempt swells in the heat of violence, consuming flame and rapid succession. There is no mercy to her fervid draconian glare, no heaven in their celestial bounds. A stare that brings with it the cruel misgivings of torture, and the libidinous ravage of its pillaging grace.

   Aleera is a wolf that tends to loom off in the distance, the sort of figure you catch a glimpse of before she vanishes into the trees or fog. More often than not she does not enjoy the company of others and prefers her silent roaming in solitude, but has been known to approach others when it is to her benefit. Upon closer inspection one can see that her coat color is fairly monochromatic, a matte ebony with coarse fur and a blotch of white upon her chest. The right side of her body however has much of her fur missing, leaving her seared in burn marks, the flesh puckered and blackened to a an obvious degree. Most of these scars are upon her front and back leg, giving her the the slightest bit of a limp. (If this part is not acceptable, I am willing to change it. I read the rules and it said no "missing" limbs.) This limp fades in acuteness the faster she moves and the less attention she pays, but is still rather sensitive and bothers her with stinging sensations which causes Aleera to actively seek out water sources to cool herself off with. The right side of her face, especially her maw are also heavily burned to the point that her lips are misshapen or missing and baring her large teeth at all times with one golden orange eye clouded in near blindness. (This I can also change. She only sees blurry in this eye) The only real thing she is capable of making out with that eye are colors and shapes, details are few and far between.

Personality: At one point in her life, Aleera was a happy, healthy young wolf with her whole life ahead of her. However, certain events transpired that caused everything she once held dear to be destroyed. The five year old female suffers from a continuing psychotic break that has malformed into a type of schizophrenic delusion where she believes that there is a great ‘demon’ in the world that needs to be purged, while she herself is ‘possessed’ by a demon who was created out of the loss of her still born pup. Due to these illness’ her personality and actions have become erratic, such as contagiously crying for no reason, out bursts of rage and violence, and the misconception that her deceased mate is not actually dead. Merely angry with her for the loss of their child and is constantly tormented by images of him darting in and out of her sight. Aleera is also haunted by persecutory delusions that this ‘demon’ and the one inside her are a sign of the end times, which has caused her to fall into a very deep depression linked to a mild case of amnesia.

Due to her psychotic break Aleera actually believes that her sister Sanrie is herself, or at the very least, possessed by a demon that seeks to destroy the world. In actuality, this ‘demon’ she sees is the manifestation of her hatred for her sister due to the tragedy that struck her home and San’s selfish actions that nearly cost Aleera even her own life. Because she believes she is the only one who can see San for what she is has resided to hunting her sister down and destroying her before she destroys the world. This break also induces the notion that her mate, who died in the fire with her family is in fact still alive and is merely away, angry with her for the loss of their unborn pup. Aleera is tormented deeply by images of him darting in and out of her sight, or blankly staring on at her but she is always unable to get to him before he vanishes.

Over time her untreated mental problems eventually formed into a schizophrenic development in which she actually believes that she herself is even possessed by a demon by the name of Bajang who was created when her pup was born dead. To hear her say it the demon apparently ‘latched’ itself onto her to give her the sight needed to see Sanrie for what she was. This demon refers to her as Dibbuk, another demon responsible for mental illness and great change in personalities. This is often be illustrated by her speaking to herself as if she were carrying on a conversation with a person standing next to her. Essentially Aleera was ripped of any happiness in her life and now suffers everyday because of it. She can not let go of her hate, and because of that, it has formed into the illness’ she’s plagued with. To anyone she firsts meets she is a quiet, and with drawn but very easy to anger and has been known to go on indiscriminate killing spree’s should she perceive anyone as a threat to her goal in life.

Aleera was blessed with a fairly standard child hood, born to a litter of four from her parents who had ruled the Aniece pack for three years prior, and raised more than ten healthy young pups almost all of whom had left to find their own places in the world. Aleera herself had shown great promise as a young pup, showing all the traits of a great leader when she would become of age. She excelled at hunting and tracking, and had been taken under her fathers wing, giving her the personal attention needed to teach her how an alpha would tackle most scenarios that they came in contact on a day to day basis. For an entire year Aleera was happy to stay with her family, to learn, and to become strong…Until her mother gave birth again to her fifth litter of pups. There had been three total in this litter, but one born smaller than normal and the pack became increasingly concerned in how such a small wolf might survive once it got out of the den. What happened if she was sickly? Blind? Eventually, her father made the hardest choice he had ever had to come to terms with, and took little Sanrie from the den against his mates wishes and walked over to the icy cliff hang where he would drop her to her death. For some reason, Aleera felt it was her duty to protect her little sister, even if she were small it didn’t mean for sure that she would be a hindrance to the pack. She debated with her father for days, but eventually, she finally changed his mind and the pack as a whole watched as little Sanrie grew bigger and bigger, meeting and even exceeding the size of her litter mates.

Even from the time San was born, something about Aleera’s little sister was just so special to the wolf who had by now shed most of her pupish features and traded them for heavy tone muscle and thicker coat. She was the near spitting image of her father, and as intimidating as Aleera had become San was always with her, always laughing, always bringing a smile to her sisters face. As Sanrie grew and began to learn the very things Aleera had, something strange happened that summer. A wolf, far from their lands of ice and snow approached their territory and asked if he might also call this place his home. Crow, Aleera’s father was skeptical at first, for many wolves had traveled far to the south where it was warm nearly all year round and forsaken these inhospitable lands where ice and snow remained at all times. With Aleera’s and Lusheena’s encouragement Crow reserved judgment on the male, who had called himself Koh, for one month to determine if he was worth allowing into the pack. During this month Crow watched him carefully, and took note of his character and even the special attention he paid to his daughter Aleera, watching as they grew closer and closer.

Before long, as both mother and father suspected, Koh approached with a single desire. He wished to become mates with Aleera, for they had fallen in love and with their approval he would see that Aleera would never want for anything and protect her with his very life. Crow and Lusheena’s agreed almost immediately with the intent of passing leadership to the new pair once the new year came since they were reaching the age proper for a wolf to retire and had full faith in their daughter and her new mate. It was nearly nine weeks later when the strange lightening storm struck their home, for it had been oddly warm the past few weeks, and while snow and ice were still on the ground it wasn't as thick as it normally would have been. The rain that fell barely froze at the touch, and the lightening struck some dry tender under a grove of trees near the den, and by the time any of the wolves realized a fire was raging it was to late. It seemed to burn even the ice, like this fire storm was some sort of demon fueled attack and the pack was engulfed before they could have realized what was going on. The pack huddled together at the entrance of the den, Aleera guarding them with a large belly, near ready to give birth. It was Koh that took her by the scruff of the neck, and with a force she never thought he could muster slung her over a low burning fire, out of the circle of fire that threatened the rest of the pack. Aleera tried desperately to put the fire out herself, to save her family and realized all but one was present. Sanrie was no where to be seen, in fact, she had been gone before the rest of them knew the fire was even there. Torn between saving her family, or going after her sister she eventually abandoned her attempts to save them as they screamed at her to leave, to get to safety, doing so only when their agony filled screams echoed into the night.

Her front paws were burned heavily from attempting to put out the fire, but she pushed herself onward anyway, screaming San’s name as she ran through the blazing forest. She was given no answer, and at the edge of the forest where the fire had finally been halted by thick sets of ice and snow a tree cracked under the pressure and came barreling down upon her, smacking her to the ground and pinning her down as it’s burning branch burned the fur and flesh alike from the right side of her body. She screamed in agony, but no one came for her, so with the last of her strength the female was able to pull herself from the burning branches and continued to run as fast she could though she was in horrible pain. Eventually the pain and exhaustion got to her and though she escaped the blazing mass of her home she slipped and rolled down a steep hill into river that swept her away in it’s depths due to the amount of snow that had melted.

When Aleera woke next, she didn’t know where she was or how she had gotten there, but knew she was in more pain than she had ever been in her life. Raising from the debris from the bank of the river she pulled herself further inland but wasn’t able to get very far before collapsing at small shelter of rocks and trees. It was there she eventually went into labor, where the only pup she had conceived was still born. Knowing everything she did, something inside her broke, and the Aleera who would have done anything to protect her pack and family was gone in an instant. She laid there for two days, grieving for the loss of her child and family, and waiting for her mate to find her, forgetting completely that he had burned with the rest of her pack…All except for one. Sanrie was still missing. Eventually Aleera found the strength to stand and move, despite her extensive wounds and slowly found her way back into the pack territory that had now been reduced to a smoking husk of what it had once been. Reaching the gathering place where her family had slept countless times she found San, lying around piles of dirt. Graves. In an instant, Aleera knew. Sanrie had grabbed a burning stick in her mouth. One that had fallen from the tree. She had brought it closer to the dens, burning each and everyone of them.

Regardless of wounds, Aleera attacked Sanrie with a ferocity that only someone completely out of their mind could have conjured and nearly succeeded in killing San as well. The brown female managed to injure Aleera just enough to allow her to escape, sparing her life. Aleera tried for days to follow San’s scent, to catch her before she did more evil in the world. She wanted to stop her sister. Eventually however, Aleera knew she would die if she kept pushing herself forward the way she did and managed to hunker down for a few months and heal the burns that now littered her body, surviving on small prey and bugs. Her healing was slow and painful, but eventually she was able to move distances without much of a problem besides a limp and the fact that her right eye was now so damaged that she could barely make anything out through it.

Through tracking and information gathered from various wolves she passed and pack lands, eventually Aleera caught back up with Sanrie once again and another battle between the two ensued. Again Aleera was about to finish San before she managed to get away, but not without a few scars of her own to remember her by. Injured yet again Aleera was forced to heal before following after her sister once more, but has recently gotten back on her feet and again began to follow after her sister in these lands. Not long after, Aleera witnessed the sight of her once younger sister, fighting with a male. She was killed without mercy from him. The large black wolf was gone in moments. Aleera now roams the area in search of a pack.

Example Post:
   THE TREACHERY OF DEMONS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE BETRAYAL OF AN ANGEL. The pain of losing her beloved Koh, their daughter, and her entire family was not a pain soon forgotten. It would linger for the rest of her life, a deeply set as the burn scars that marred her once beautiful frame. She had believed once that Sanrie, her little sister, could do no wrong. That she was nothing more than a gentle and sweet child who would grow to become a great mother one day, not unlike their own…But she had been wrong. The morality of demons played on stages of sin, and they were above no trick, no lie, no deceit to gain what they desired in the world. For San it had been the desire to destroy everything that Aleera had held dear, and to think once the Dragon thought she had been left alive on accident. The loss of all this was hard enough, but then to learn that her mate, her love, had been the root of all that evil. He had been the seed that allowed decay and destruction to sprout in her home and she had bore his child. The King of Demons had found his Queen, bowing only to the God of death, he ran rampant in this world and the next, and set his treasonous trap and it had been only recently that the things that lurked in the darkness finally had their truth made known.

Plague, the real epitome of evil had made it clear to her that she had been wrong all along, and the proof of that was now forever etched into her shoulder. San had been corrupted and done what she had because it was Koh’s bidding, to kill her sister, to commit suicide would be the price to cast away her mortal binding and fulfill the black plot that had been stewing all these years. To think she was so foolish to not have known. Demons had the art of lying as a inborn gift, and perhaps she should not be as harsh as she had been on herself for this…But Aleera was never one for half measures. Her hunt for the blue eyed demon had come to it’s close. Let the minion of darkness sow her seeds of deceit where she may, in any way she could she would let her fire kill the shadows San left behind. Perhaps if certain events had not taken place she would have ended her linger presence in this world, to leave these lands, this world behind, and let that so-called ‘King’ find a new bride. Her two year long prison set her loose, the bars swinging open with a creek, and now she would be forced to endure a new set of challenges with a new, mortal target. After killing the blighted Ram she had been left weakened and Phantomus had been such a bastard, and it would seem that the pups who had taken root in her stomach would not be falling to far from the tree. Aleera believed in many things. Wolves that were almost...Gods. Her pack seemed to worship them. Of course, many were just...Illusions they seemed to be. Fake.

Her ebony form moved with the calculated might of a discerning predator, shadows of the trees rolling over her dark pelt while eyes remained alight with their own luminance as testament to the fire that continued to rage within her. The newly growing grass of the spring season found their life short lived as she pressed on through the trees, weaving through them with a distinct serpentine ease. She traveled now in these areas in search of materials to take back to the Seam, something to line the den she had started to dig out in the heart of the territory for the day when she would become a mother again. Though she could not kill her sister, because she was already dead,  there was a new name at the top of her hunting list, and it was her intention to bare these children and once done she would find the male responsible and tear his miserable head from his pathetic shoulders. Perhaps she could his fur to warm them in the cold of the night, but it was morbid thought she let slip from her mind without much thought. Some weeks had passed but Aleera was a well figured she-wolf and her pregnancy was not as evident as the scars that would catch the eye first and felt safe enough to fool those who crossed her path that were in want of pain.

The sound of water had tinted ears swiveling, thick muscles rolling under her onyx pelt and scaled skin, turning her into the direction of the soothing liquid. Her macabre sight appeared between the trees with the silence of an experienced huntress, stopping upon the bank some distance away only when the form of another caught burning eyes. Aleera remained silent, the low hiss of a growl rolling up in her chest though she said nothing as of yet. This...Wolf. Could it lead her to a pack? Could she finally have another family?
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