Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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PostSubject: Cypress Aktaion   Cypress Aktaion I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 6:20 pm

(There. I made my own template.)

Name: Cypress Aktaion (Aka "The Phoenix")

Gender: Male

Age: Cypress is 2.5 years of age.

Pack: ES

Rank Requested: Scout
Rank Requested: Hunter

Basic: Reddish/russet back fading to a golden cream undercarriage. Intense gold eyes.

Accessories: Cypress wears the skull of a raven on a vine around his neck and often decorates his fur with raven feathers.

Scars: Cypress has various long, slender scars along the upper portion of his front limbs from improper are of cuts given to him by Nocturna. After his absense, Cypress has returned with a large scar over the left side of his chest, as well as a few scars over the left side of his neck and face. The cause of these scars has not been disclosed.

A phoenix, a bought of fire incurred by a ravenous, hungry drought. A child of hell and flame, risen forth from the cavernous depths of the center of the earth; the center of the sun. Impossible to ignore, his exotic coat shimmers with the heat of the sun, igniting the landscape. A rarity of nature, perhaps, a heated, rusted red lines his back, neck and face; a true portrayal of his unpredictable nature. Red fades into a potent mixture of tans and golds, a tribute to his father .. these royal and exotic colors fading again into lighter creams - the colors of he common man. Overall, the appearance is that of a drifting star, a ball of fire darting through space. Just as the fire draws the moth, so to does his coat draw the unsuspecting eyes of curious onlookers. Stunning and out of the ordinary, it is not uncommon for curiosity to strike the minds of those who lay eye upon him .. oh, but such a backwards blessing he is, so hidden beneath his beauty is the blackness of his heart.

His frame is lean and muscled for his size, pounded into shape by travel and the trivial problems of surviving on his own. However, he does not appear in any way brawny or intimidating; in fact … he almost looks like a piece of breakable china, dainty his legs alone giving him his height. Perhaps even a bit thin, underfed .. as if he were a rabid dog come to search for a meal. Cypress is of medium stature with a slender, elongated, almost feminine face. His muzzle is not broad with power, but his eyes are a glowing honey loaded with the fire of the energy that swells within him. There is a crazed look about him, alluring in the way he smirks and the way he uses his eyes to drawn other’s to him. A unique concoction of frailty and power, handsome beauty and odd proportions, Cypress has learned how to use his size and stature to his advantage …

He has the odd, tipsy stagger of the most eloquent drunk, quiet and cloudy-eyed. There is never any true emotion in his pulsing honey eyes, always filled with a mist and enigma. He has learned to mask his emotions with precision, has learned how to put on a variety of different faces for any different occasion. Just by a glance, it is quite clear that the male is not all there in the head, but it is not in such a way that one would want to stray from him … but in a way that would lure another in, make them wonder what he’s seeing, make them question the world that lies behind those eyes. An eloquent talker … and an even more eloquent actor, let the glowing radiance of his coat and the crazed perfection of his eyes draw you in … The show is about to begin.

born, was he, from the mouth of hell
unloved by a lost mother, unloved by a dissociative father. born and raised by his own hand, his own creation. a monster unleashed upon the earth, outrunning the jaws of death and ready to raise hell. Not much is known of this strange crazed beast, if anything at all.

From his birth, the wolf has always been off. Has always seen the world in a different light, and has always been the outcast for it. He is plagued with terrible bouts of insomnia, often not sleeping for days at a time. It is why he appears so crazed, so frail, so dangerous. He will often roam at night, silently stalking in the shadows and bathing in the moonlight. When sleep does find him, it finds him when the sun is at its highest. At the peak of his sleeplessness, he can be extremely irritable, finicky, and sporadic. Even more so than usual … and because of this lack of sleep, even greater mental disturbances have inundated him.

Cypress is obsessed with dreams, dreaming, and alternate reality. This obsession, combined with his insomnia, often sends Cypress into a state where his dreams come alive. He dreams while he is awake and has the disturbing ability to mesh dreamscape with reality. Like in a sleep induced dream, he cannot control his settings; they are simply the projections of his deepest mind’s desires or a message hidden in pictures. He can interact with creatures in these dreams, even though no one else can see them, which often portrays him as if he is talking to himself or to some inanimate object. Often times, Cypress will have trouble distinguishing those in his dreams from those in reality around him, which gives him an odd take on the world, emotion, and the way things should be perceived.

Cypress is a greedy creature who loves to take things that do not belong to him … who loves to claim things that should not be claimed. He enjoys collecting things and is not afraid to get pushy or manipulative to get what he wants. Force is not a foreign concept to the phoenix, and determination allied with his dementia make him a force to reckon with. However, he is finicky, picky, and will often sporadically change his mind about things that he has taken. Quick to take, and quicker to throw away. If something does not strike his immediate fancy, he discards it carelessly, not binding emotionally to anything (or anyone). He enjoys beauty and perfection, but those terms are not bound to their dictionary meaning, but instead bound to the meaning he has created in his head.

His favorite sense is that of touch. He often has odd impulses that compel him to gently probe things with his paws or his nose, to investigate with his eyes closed and his mind open. He often will gently stroke others with his nose, nuzzling close to their skin … the vibes he feels from their skin, from the pumping of their hearts, and their fur allow him to successfully make a decision about them. It is an odd and creepy satisfaction that he gains from touching things, and it is not limited to other wolves. However, Cypress is also a picky wolf, and if something does not please his senses, he will not associate himself with it. Food, acquaintances, and objects he collects are all subject to his odd analysis.

The Phoenix does not trust - no, one can never trust things that are not real (what is real?). Instead, he uses wolves for his own advantage and amusement. Like a clever vine, his work is slow .. his tentacles slowly reaching for any purchase before beginning to coil. But once he grabs hold, he is impossible to remove, like a rotten bug; a plague of locusts, he devours. He is constantly searching for life to sap .. for lives to strangle. Silently, he weaves his vines through the lives of those all around him, creating an intricate and perfect web .. until finally he lets it all collapse. Oh, he portrays himself so perfectly .. despite his idiosyncracies, he can lead one to believe he is as pretty a flower inside as he is on the out. Ah, but it is all a game, his masterful plan only sane in his own mind .. his hunger only sated by his desire to delicately destroy lives as his own was ruthlessly picked apart.
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