Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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 Wolf RP Terms

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PostSubject: Wolf RP Terms   Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:33 am

RP Terms

Male: Lupe, masculine, mascu, brute, brujo, he-beast, hessian, demon, and titan.

Female: Lupa, femme,  femmina, fae, vix, vixen, maiden, valkyrie, bruja, she-beast, she-wolf, demoness, enchantress, tempest, mistress.

Coat: Hide, pelt, derma, and canvas.

Body: Physique, frame, bodice, form, torso, figure, build, mass, bod, shape, bulk, silhouette, flank [side], and platform [back].

Ears: Earlobes, lobes, auds, auditives, auditories, thorns, receptors, pointers, listeners and sound detectors.

Eyes: Orbs, orbits, optics, pools, luminaries, spheres, visionaries, and peepers.

Head/Face: Cranium, crown, skull, dome, apex, palette [face], visage [face]

Legs: Appendages, pistons, limbs, fores [front legs], hinds [back legs], haunches, and thighs.

Mouth: Dial, mug, maw, muzzle, snout, chops, jaws and jowls.

Throat: Esophagus, throat, windpipe, trachea, and jugular.

Nails: Talons, claws, blades, and digits.

Neck: Scruff, crest, and nape.

Nostrils: Nares, nasal passages,

Paws: Pads and peds.

Pups: Youth, adolescent, lass [female], lad [male].

Tail: Banner, swatter, fifth appendage, tassel, rope, plume, pendulum, and whip.

Teeth: Incisors, fangs, ivories, enamels, canines, pearls and molars.
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Wolf RP Terms
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