Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest.
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The Alpha of STP will be Kindred played by Rishka. Though there were many excellent tryouts Kindreds personality is what were were looking for. Thanks so much. 
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 Hierarchy Terms

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Hierarchy Terms of the Pack

The Superiors


The Alpha is the leader of the pack. They look to each pack member as family and make important decisions that reflect the growth and welfare of the pack. The Alpha creates the rules for the pack and makes sure they are enforced. Alphas decide on ranking, courting, assessments, and banishments of wolves either temporary or permanently.  They also carry the responsibility of maintaining the pack's hunting territory. The Alpha calls group hunts and decides when and where to hunt, along with the Betas and Hunters. During pack meetings, most issues will be discussed with the pack as a whole. The final decision will be made by the Alpha after all opinions are heard by the pack members. The Alphas have the final say so in everything, yet act only for the good of the pack.


The Beta wolf is the second highest rank within the dominance hierarchy. They show commitment and loyalty to the pack. They help the Alpha’s in decision making however they do not have a final say. The Betas stand in as Alpha when the Alphas are not present. They answer to no one but their Alphas, but are expected, as with all members, to show respect to every wolf. They enforce the rules, keeping peace within the clearing. They have the right to kick and ban a wolf from the clearing, after fair warning of wrong actions, such as fighting. Betas may call hunts, deciding when and where to hunt, along with the Hunters. In pack meetings, the Betas' answers and suggestions are the second most important, being trusted advisers to the Alpha. There is only one male and one female Beta.


The Delta wolf is a wolf in training for Beta position. They are third in rank to Alpha and Beta. Delta's do not hold the authority to call medium or large Hunts. Deltas usually become the next Beta after training is complete or if a Beta is killed or suddenly dies or even steps down from his/her position, is removed from their rank, changes their rank, or leaves the pack, the Delta may take the place as the new Beta at the Alpha's request. There may only be one male and one female Delta.

Subordinate Ranks


The Fighters of the pack are those who are best and have a certain skill for fighting. They lead their pack mates into battle alongside the Superiors of the pack. The Fighters usually know the best tactics for taking down or chasing off enemies such as bears, loners or rival packs that may be intruding or raiding the pack. They are the first ones in and they lead the rest of the pack into a battle with confidence in their skills.


Sentinel’s are similar to Scouts in the way of patrolling the territory however Sentinel’s also great and watch over newcomers and make sure they have good intentions when it comes to the pack. They ensure the packs safety by doing so. They also make sure there isn’t any fighting amongus the pack members and if a fight breaks out they are to report it to the Alpha’s, Beta’s and Deltas so the fight can be handled appropriately by the Superiors of the pack.  Sentinels also have the right to chase off or ban a wolf from the pack territory if they are continuously causing trouble, not listening and fighting with other pack members but all incidents must be reported to the Superiors. Especially if a chase off or ban has occurred.   


The Elders are the wisest of the pack. They know the ways for they are the most knowledgeable and most experience. They are usually the oldest members of the pack who have decided the pack is where they belong and it’s where they wish to pass on. All Elder’s opinions are greatly respected and are often role models for the youngest of the pack and sometimes even the Superior members. The Elders tend to have a better knowledge of helping newcomers to learn the ways of the pack. It’s best to respect them or be put in your place by the Alpha’s, Beta’s or Delta’s if it comes down to it or even banned or chased off by a Sentinel.

Hunters are those who have a talent or skill at tracking, hunting and taking down prey. They are some of the most relied upon wolves of the pack. If the pack didn’t have these wolves there is a chance the pack could go hungry for several days, possibly even weeks if the weather is bad enough. Hunters lead hunts along with the Superiors.


Scouts are the eyes and ears of the territory. Their job is to go out on patrols and make sure loners haven’t entered onto their pack territory as well as any other dangers that could harm a pack mate or the entire pack itself. The moment danger is spotted they are to return and report their finding to the Alpha’s, Beta’s and Delta’s to ensure safety among the pack. Scouts are not to take on any other task that could put them in harms way. They are to immediately return to where the pack is to inform it’s superiors.


A Caretaker is a wolf that has shown some skill or even interest in helping the pack mates who are either sick or injured. The watch over the Elders of the pack as well. The Caretakers make sure all wounded pack mates are taken care of until they can go off and do just about any everyday task. These wolves do not heal other wolves they are only there to ensure that the pack members are healing. They inform the Alpha, Beta’s and Delta’s of any wolf not capable of doing everyday task.

Omegas and Pups
The Omega’s of the pack are the lowest ranking wolfs. The Omega is usually a young wolf that’s still learning the ways of the pack even if they are born into the pack. An Omega can also be a wolf that has been lowered in rank due to incorrect or unwanted actions. The Omega’s usually take on the role of pup sitting while the rest of the pack is out hunting. The pups are also part of the lowest ranking wolves but that’s because they are pups. Their jobs are to listen to their elders, be respectful and learn the ways of the pack to ensure survival.
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Hierarchy Terms
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